A Crack In the Walk

Episode 1

Laura was overjoyed that all banking activities will be closing for the week on Wednesday due to the Id-el-fitr holiday. At least, she will have four days to have fun before the office will resume on Monday. Secretly she has been hoping she gets another Job as soon as possible and quit the time consuming job, and probably have enough time for her fiancé and herself as well. She wondered how she will cope when she eventually gets married.

The thought of waking up every morning by 5:00am and beating the ever busy Trans Amadai traffic every evening after work, kills her; Talk more of the many risks involved in the job. Moreover, her fear and dissatisfaction for the job increased when the bank was raided by some dare devil armed men some months ago.

The incident still remains fresh in her mind, irrespective of the fact that her co-workers now make fun of the whole incident. That faithful day, she almost died of fear when the armed robbers stormed the banking hall that morning. One of them shot sporadically into the air, as he ordered everybody to lie down. He gave a stern warning that nobody should act smart because they won’t hesitate to shoot. The boys moved in a commando fashion as they ransacked the drawers and bagged their loot. As one of them got close to Laura, she almost passed out, but for the calm and reassuring voice behind the vicious looking ski mask.

‘Open your drawer madam’ He demanded courteously.

As the she stood up, she perceived the sweet cologne the armed robber was wearing, but her senses were too damped to even place a name to it. Laura fumbled with keys but her hands trembled.

‘Calm down’ He said.

Laura finally opened the drawer and laid flat on the ground, with her hands covering her head; as the armed man swept the entire cabinet clean.

As he turned to go, he pulled out several packets of a thousand naira denomination, and stuffed it in her suit…

 ‘Sorry for messing your hair, make another one; and its all on me’ he said.

With that, he signaled to his boys, and they left the building in the same manner they came in. The whole incident lasted five minutes, but to the staff and customers, it was the worst five minutes of their lives.


Ebola: The Ripple Effect


Based loosely on currently Happening Events


A tear dropped from his left eye as he thought about Anna again. How could she be dead? How? Anna, the best sister anyone could ever have. Anna, his only sister … who made so many sacrifices to ensure he went to college and become the man he is today.

Anna. Dead.

What is this life?

“Tea or coffee sir…?” Munachi – the air hostess – asked, snapping him out of his reverie. He dried his eyes and gestured towards coffee. He nodded his thanks as she gave it to him and went about her business.

He took a sip of the scalding hot beverage and didn’t even flinch. All he could think of was Anna and how he wept over her cold dead body. He had flown to Monrovia immediately he was told that she was seriously ill. The doctors had initially…

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